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Start your path as a
certified coach! 

In cooperation with Brightfields, a UK-based coaching company, Faten is offering in Qatar a one-of-a-kind coach training program that allows participants to become certified coaches.  


A Credible Coach Training Program

One of the most sought-after training programs offered exclusively by Brightfields, and only offered in cooperation with Faten in the Middle East, is the Certified Positive Leadership Coach (CPLC) Program.

The program is designed to develop participants and equip them with all necessary processes, tools, and interventions that will enable them to hone or kick-start their coaching careers.

Upon successful completion of the program requirements, participants will earn the title of Certified Positive Leadership Coach (CPLC) recognized as a
Level 1 Associate Certified Coach (ACC) by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

ICF is the leading governing body of the coaching industry worldwide. 

Who is the program for?

  • Individuals who are interested in transforming the lives of others and in pursuing Life or Executive Coaching as a career path or a side hustle.

  • Non-certified coaches seeking to obtain a recognized and prestigious title in the market.

  • Managers & Team Leaders who want to enhance their self-governance, and their ability to influence and lead others.

  • HR professionals who seek to acquire competencies focused on people, relationships and development.

  • Other professionals and individuals looking to expand their skillsets to grow in impact and results in their careers, relationships and personal lives.

  • Other professionals and individuals looking to expand their skillsets to grow in impact and results in their careers, relationships, and personal lives.

Program Outcomes

Coaching training at Brightfields  begins with the Certified Positive Leadership Coach (CPLC) Program.

Through the CLPC you will gain a wealth of knowledge and skills that include

Through the CLPC you will gain a wealth of knowledge and skills that include

  • All needed skillsets to start a full or part-time career as a life or executive coach.

  • Leadership skills to marshal and steer teams in a more effective way, and put into practice the tools of coaching in your organization and in your environment.

  • New techniques and skills to enhance your professional and personal development.

  • Greater self-knowledge that allows you to expand your individual capacity to use your own talents and resources.​

  • Once completed, the CPLC will be a cornerstone of your coaching career, and you can advance through Brightfields with other advanced programs that focus on specific competencies.

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Program Format

The CLPC program is a practical hands-on training program where you will incorporate theoretical ideas and concepts of coaching through practice, classroom exercises and experiential dynamics. 

To complete the program you have to,

  • Attend Six (6) in-person, intensive coach trainings, spread out over Three (3) weekends. 

  • Attend Ten (10) hours of mentoring hours required to get level 1 from a coach mentor.

  • Complete virtual work outside of class of about six to eight (6 -8) hours per week at your convenience; including peer coaching, reflective practice and recommended readings.

  • The program will be delivered in English and conducted in a professional yet friendly atmosphere where you can make great friends and establish deep connections with driven people from the community who share the same values as you.

  • You will grow as an individual by working on your self-knowledge and by learning the tools of coaching through your own experiences. 

Curriculum Details

In total, the CPLC program consists of 84 Contact Hours details of which are provided below 


Foundation Course
(16 Contact Hours)

Core Course

(16 Contact Hours)

Advanced Course
(16 Contact Hours)

(10 Hours)

Triads - Coaching Practice Sessions (12 Hours)

Additional Coaching Hours 
pro-bono (8 Hours)

Reading & Reflection
(6 Hours)

Upcoming CLPC Program
in Doha, Qatar

The Certified Positive Leadership Coach (CPLC) program will be run in the Middle East (Qatar) on the following dates

Doha, Qatar

January 2024 18, 19, 20
February 2024 8, 9, 10

September 2024 19, 20, 21
October 2024 3, 4, 5

Starting April 15 2024

evening sessions

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For further information on the program, fee structure, and schedules, please register below or contact us via email  or whatsapp +974 5530 0668

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