I provide a wide range of  individual & group based executive and life coaching services that are transformative and yield proven results.

My Services

 I add value to your life! 


All my services can be provided via video conferencing or in person. Furthermore, the sessions can be conducted in Arabic or English.

Your Journey starts here

We all have dreams, aspirations and long pending plans that we always wanted to do.


The reason why we don’t follow through on our goals isn’t because we don’t have the resources, drive or time. It’s because life happens! Responsibilities happen, and we get distracted, overwhelmed and derailed.

As your coach, I help you discover and attain what your own personal "best" can be. I also assist you to develop an actionable plan to reach your goals, supporting you along the way to see it happen.

Take a step in the right direction, and start your journey now!

“A coach is someone who sees beyond your limits and guides you to greatness!”

Free Sessions

Introductory sample sessions that introduce you to Life Coaching as well as to my unique coaching style and its powerful realm, are provided free of cost and with no strings attached.

Life Coaching Services

Life Coaching Packages



A two week  program of in-depth, personal coaching on a one-ON-one interaction.


Sessions can be delivered in person or online via video services.


2,920 QAR/AED




An intensive one month program of in-depth, personal coaching on a one-ON-one interaction.

Sessions can be delivered in person or online via video services.


4,745 QAR/AED



An extended, best value, Three Month program of a streamed followup and in-depth, personal coaching on a one-ON-one interaction.

Sessions can be delivered in person or online via video services.


10,750 QAR/AED



In addition to the standard services, I offer Fully customized  programs that include frequent as needed follow-up, and guidance.

Sessions can be customized to suit your needs in terms of timing, venue and method of delivery.

FEES depend on selected preferences.

Please contact me for more information.

I took the decision to change my career and become a Life Coach because I want to do my part in making the world a better place; as such:


  1. 10% from ALL of my coaching proceedings go to charity. If you have an organisation of preference to donate to, that can be arranged.

  2. If you are genuinely unable to pay full fee payments, contact me, and we can work out a feasible solution.   


Executive Coaching


"Today’s business leaders increasingly rely on coaches for help in understanding how to act in a demanding and volatile world."




I work with executives, C-suite-level leaders and professionals to aid them in areas such as:

  1. Self-awareness

  2. Interpersonal relationships, listening skills, and empathy

  3. Influence

  4. Leading during times of change

  5. Communication skills

  6. Motivation and engagement, leading with vision, and purpose

  7. Building effective teams

  8. Strategy and strategic thinking

  9. Working with uncertainty and ambiguity; decision skills

  10. Mentoring, developing internal talent, succession



My clients work for prestigious organizations such as


Group Coaching 

& Workshops



I work with leading local and multinational organizations to create specific results for their teams and memebrs. I conduct workshops and group coaching sessions that have proven to generate individual as well as team performance growth.

Organisational and Corporate Coaching cover topics such as:

  • Leadership & Engagement

  • Stress Management

  • Mental Wellbeing

  • Personal Goal Setting

  • Identifying and Conquering Limiting Beliefs

  • Building Relationships & Trust

  • Team Building

  • Motivational & Positivity Techniques

My programs are fully customizable. Together with your human resources, executive or management team, I devise the best solution for your leadership, sales, performance, culture & transformation goals based on your organizational needs. 

For information and inquiries, please contact me directly.

My group & corporate services are wide, enriching and deliver results!

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